June 28, 2017

Seattle‐based Zeevo, a provider of business, finance and IT consulting services and products to clients in the aircraft leasing, utilities and consumer product industries, has hired Ethan Ross as a consultant.

Ross joins the company from Irish lessor AerCap, where he was a senior manager for strategic planning analysis for over four years, according to his Linkedin page. He joined Zeevo on 16 June.

Ross will help Zeevo offer its clients cash‐flow forecasting expertise, especially in relation to aircraft and engine leasing, the company says. “We will develop solutions to meet our aviation clients’ needs to stay profitable and maintain a strong financial position by reducing exposure to risk, analysing trends and determining the optimal aircraft and engine fleet status during any part of the asset’s life,” says Ross.

Earlier this month the company hired Sandra Telfare as its treasury management head.

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About Zeevo Group LLC:
Zeevo Group ("Zeevo") provides business, finance and information technology consulting services and products to a broad range of clients representing aircraft and engine leasing, utilities and consumer products. Zeevo is committed to assisting clients in improving their finance, business and information technology model operating models. Zeevo professionals deliver results and value that drive efficiency and profitability. The Zeevo team, with specialized expertise and deep industry knowledge, is committed to providing the highest level of service tailored specifically to each client.

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